Brexit, the English cat

06/04/2019 Thed 0

Nathalie Loiseau, France’s minister for European affairs said that she has named her cat “Brexit” due to its indecisive nature ( her cat cries out […]

God is made of gravel

25/03/2019 G.O 0

Maybe I should present my family first; there was my mother, a woman with dark hair, powerful mentality even when she was a wrong and […]

Masturbation Blackmail

14/03/2019 d2b 0

FINAL WARNING d2b! You have the last chance to save your social life – I am not kidding!! I don’t have one, stupid fuck I […]

James Dyson

24/01/2019 G.O 0

A reminder of what notable Brexiters are doing: 1. James Dyson: HQ move to Singapore 2. Tim Martin: Wetherspoons profit drop due to Brexit 3. […]


14/01/2019 CR 0

Anul 2018 a fost unul bun pentru mine, din multe puncte de vedere, mai ales profesional. M-am gandit sa impart cateva lucrui mari pe care […]