17/03/2018 CR 0

Having a fully qualified team of accountants, with years of experience dealing mainly with small and medium sized businesses, we offer simple and convenient solutions […]

Falimentul si insolvabilitatea

12/03/2018 CR 0

Serviciul privind insolvabilitatea din Anglia si Tara Galilor este insarcinat, in temeiul dispozitiilor legislative, sa tina registrele privind insolvabilitatea, restrictiile impuse societatilor aflate in faliment […]

Suction excavator

06/03/2018 CR 0

Vacuum Excavation, also referred to as a vacuum tanker or vacuum lorry, works like a hoover to excavate material around buried services or utilities including […]

Explozie in Leicester

26/02/2018 CR 0

Locatarii au spus că au auzit “o bubuitura mare, ca un cutremur”, cand magazinul din Hinckley Road a explodat la ora 19:00 duminică. Clădirea avea […]