European Union versus United Kingdom

Theresa May , the old version of a new Boudica

The European Union has to negotiate with a fractured British Government that is backed up by a large group of extreme Brexiteers who are not content with the fact that Brexit has won – they also want the European Union and the Euro to collapse in order for them to be vindicated.

They are very much aware that soon populism will collide with reality and an economic crash for the United Kingdom could sweeten the bitter pill of a lost decade if the European Union will share the same fate.

It took about a week for the Government of the United Kingdom to negotiate with the DUP some form of a working coalition that Theresa May could present as a functioning government, ready to start Brexit negotiations with the European Union. On top of that , it took them 1 year just to send the letter of divorce from the EU, after the referendum results were announced.

The Conservatives only had to deal with 10 MPs,with whom most of them are sharing more values than they could have hoped for. Now they have to negotiate with 27 countries from the EU and they have less than two years to reach around 7000 agreements with the notoriously slow European Union.

Since the Credit Crunch, the British politics arena is dominated by the populist and reactionary politicians, promising the British electorate a new and better future, free from Immigrants (unless they are needed) and from the shackles imposed upon the British people by the European Union using Directives like a Donald Trump high on Twitter, for the the last 45 years.

For the Brexiteers , politicians and electorate alike, the fact that the pound has plummeted, investment decisions are on hold, productivity has plummeted, wages are falling, inflation is rising, spending is falling, shares are tumbling is just a price worth paying for the sake of their children and grandchildren or it is because those who voted to stay, the Remain voters are talking the economy down, in a typical cognitive dissonance situation. They all have different reasons why they voted leave.

When property prices are falling it is good for the new buyers and when the pound is worth less, it is good for the exports. The problem with that logic is that most people in the UK are using their properties as a pension scheme and have done so for decades. The exports are using products and materials made elsewhere in the world and while the stock in raw materials lasted and has given the UK a boost in exports, that will soon come to a halt as buying raw materials from abroad is becoming more expensive.

Britain’s fantasy of being a global power might soon come to an end, when they finally understand that Brexit and Trump sobered up Europe by rejecting right wing populism. The glee by the right wing media when Trump was called Mr.Brexit.
soon became something darker and muddier than the swamp he promised to drain.

‘Hate and nationalism is an easy weed to grow and can go unnoticed until it’s too late and takes over. Be on guard as it can look like the best flower in the garden.’

The British people are not heeding the advice at the moment, even the right wing people like the killer of Jo Cox, the MP killed by Thomas Mair , declared in court : ”Its not the fault of the Pakistani and Romanians that they are here.” The right wing people are playing the centre ground in politics. By not blaming the Romanians to justify a murder, but because of them, can only be attributed to a clever tactic adopted and promoted by the likes of Farage.