How many Romanians will come to the UK

Bulgaria si Romania

The Romanian migration to the UK since 2007 – when Romania joined the EU, has increased considerably in the past few years. From December 2013, the Romanians and Bulgarians will gain the right to live and work in the UK, after the 7 years period of temporary curbs imposed on the two Eastern European countries will expire.

In the United Kingdom, this sparked a fierce debate about immigration from the two EU countries, fuelled by a sick economy in the UK. The right wing political parties and media were quick to cash in, to such extent that anyone who is not against migrants from Bulgaria and Romania is declared a traitor and should be executed live on TV as an example.

Romania – the country where the Mexicans of Europe live?

Romania does not have a well defined country profile, with the exception of Transylvania and blends in very easily with other Balkans or Eastern European countries. For some people, Budapest is the capital of Romania and Sofia is a girl’s name.

Romania does not sit well when it comes to criminality. Vasile Tcaciuc – the butcher from Iasi, still tops the European lists. In the 1930s, the serial killer managed to murder over 26 people using an axe before being arrested. He was shot dead when he tried to escape from prison.

Britain has Dennis Nilsen who managed to kill 15 people before being caught. Perhaps the rumours that the British people are laid bak started because of him, or it could be the advance in the Police techniques to catch the criminals in the 1980s that put a stop to a very enthusiastic serial killer’s career. Harold Shipman who killed over 300 people was a Jewish doctor according to the Wikipedia.

There seems to be a ping pong game between Romania and the UK when it comes to exporting and importing of criminality. Romania provides the UK with very skilled people in begging, cash machine thieves, pickpocket etc. This in itself should be qualified under the ‘ we only need skilled migrants scheme’ if it wasn’t for the minor fact that their skills are illegal. Romania also exports well trained and educated horses to the UK, they are so good that the Brits consume them, developing further the art of equestrianism of a burger and lasagne.

UK exports to Romania are mainly paedophiles, randomly a killer or two, dodgy deals and influence and scrap vessels sold for a premium.

If you are British or Western European and on the run from the authorities, forget Spain, Romania is the best place to start a new life of crime. Romanians are very friendly people, they love foreigners, but you should refrain yourself from asking if you can take pictures of children in the bathroom. Under the communism, any contact with foreigners was strictly forbidden and this led to an inbuilt curiosity to get to know people from other countries. Unless you are a Gipsy. Or Black and dark skinned, Hungarian , Russian, Jew, Moldavian etc, they will love you.

How many Romanians will come to the UK ?

Hard to predict. Poland is not a good example. Romania has a population of over 2 million gypsies and they got fed up with being second class citizens in Romania. They are also nomads or travellers, it’s in their genes to move around. If I were a gipsy , I would take my horse to the UK, at least in Great Britain  I can be discriminated against and live in better conditions ( hopefully ). But I wouldn’t allow any British person to pet my horse, there is a rumour going around that they get eaten. After dark, children with forks and spoons are running around looking for a horse to eat.

On a serious note, the Bulgarian PM recently said that only 600 Bulgarians are claiming benefits in the UK and I believe this figure to be spot on more or less. Most migrants from Eastern Europe are under the age of 40 yo and less likely to use the NHS or claim Social Benefits. They also have a tendency to compare the UK to a labour camp, only a very small minority will settle in the UK. I think those who wanted to enroll to a labour camp already did so. The criminal segment of the Romanian population does not need a working permit in the UK. The Romanians could enter the UK without a visa since 2007.

What drives the Romanians to immigrate ?

Before the fall of Communism everybody had a job, a concrete flat ( everything was built from concrete ) and now everyone is confused. You have the old generation of Romanians, the old middle class, who are ruined morally and financially. They are against having children away from them but this will not stop young people from migrating. Moral values on an empty stomach takes a second place.

In Romania there is no solid middle class, the Educational system has collapsed, the new generation are called chavs. Having a conversation with them is easier if you can SMS – text message attitude. They all want to be footballers ,models, film stars and celebrities.  London  is a good place to start to start even if it means leaving Romania and getting a job in plumbing or cleaning.

Does the UK need chavs from Romania when they can’t deal with their own ?  I don’t think the British people should be punished twice. Yes, it is true , Eastern Europeans still work harder than Western Europeans , but it is a matter of time before they score an equaliser.

Is immigration and freedom of labour good for Britain ?

For those who are disturbed every morning by the bloke with his  van , its not good. For those who employ a builder, a nanny or a doctor, it is. Having a competitive labour market and freedom of movement is a bitter pill for the natives to swallow , but it helps the country’s economy and not the individual.

Who is going to work in Europe in 50 years time ? Cheap labour from Eastern Europe will soon run out of steam.