Redactie or CR  is a News website dedicated entirely to the Romanian community in the UK and acts as a news agency for the Romanians in Britain and not only.

ClickRomania provides information on life in the UK, addresses social issues, recruitment opportunities, integration in the society, jobs, immigration, social events for the Romanian community, restaurants and clubs, news from and about Romania covering real estate, business opportunities, integration in the EU together with social issues concerning the Romanians residing in Great Britain.

The news website emerged in 2008, as an enthusiastic project of a few Romanian editors based in the UK as a response to the continuous need for proper information for the Romanian community. Throughout the past year it has developed a fast growing environment – to such an extent that the number of unique visits per month is reaching at present a level of over 50,000 readers and growing steadily.

Our aim is to provide up to date and correct information to the Romanian community in the UK and to the British public. We lobby for the prosperous integration of the Romanians in the UK and for an accurate image of the Romanian Community in the British media. We also act as one of the main news source for media in Romania, our articles often being presented in the Romanian online press.

We are also involved in discovering talented young journalists amongst the Romanian community worldwide, promoting their works.

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