Romanian, evil,2nd class and rich – Cristina Irimie

Cristina Irimie got rich using Romanians to change bed sheets in hotels - now she represents the Romanian Community in UK

Are the European Parliament and the Romanian community deluded enough to nominate this individual, Cristina Irimie to represent them in the European Parliament ? Yes ,they are.
Cristina Irimie managed to get herself employed to become a political and militant immigrant or ex-pat representing the Romanian community in the UK.

It is absolutely outrageous. Cristina Irimie is a hotel cleaner. She is getting other Romanian girls to clean hotel rooms. This is not even a joke.

The web mafia created by Cristina Irimie between the Romanian embassy and Ziarul (News Paper – slavic word for gazette) Romani in UK is just matrilineality.

read if you please : When a newspaper is not a newspaper

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