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We are Southern Sheeting Supplies, a roofing merchant based in Sussex. We are the UK distributer for the Romanian manufacture Roofart where we successfully sell steel guttering throughout the UK.

Last year we attempted to I
Introduce a modular steel roofing tile sheet ‘Roofart Umbrella to the UK market. Whilst steel roof tiles are common place throughout many European countries we are finding it difficult to convince many UK roofers of its benefits. It also seems to be a situation whereby traditional UK residential roofers do not want to install it as they are not used to working with steel. Then industrial steel sheet roofers do not want to use it because they only don’t work on residential buildings!

I am now reaching out to European construction workers in the UK who know these types of products and who may be interested in taking on this quality system at extremely cheap prices (We are now at a stage where we would like to move it on at a loss to free up the space).