Why newlyweds go to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Of all the holidays people take in a lifetime, there is one which they will never forget: the honeymoon. It may have its origins in the idea that the first month of married life is the sweetest. It is also believed that it was an ancient custom for the newly married couples to drink a potion containing honey on each of the first thirty days of marriage.

A traditional honeymoon destination which continue to draw newlyweds all year round and has become extremely popular is Niagara Falls. It has been a real magnet for couples with its torrential cascade and perpetual arched rainbow.

The falls themselves seem a metaphore for a marriage. The power of the Niagara River cascading over the falls symbolizes the leap into the future which the new couple will make and the arched rainbow over the falls is a symbol of the luck, hope and good fortune which they hope to get.

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