Buying land and properties in Romania or Bulgaria is not an adventure for the well informed investors. Romania has an agricultural capacity of approximately 14,7 million hectares, of which only 10 are used as arable land. In November 2008, an evaluation revealed that 6.8 million hectares are not used. In Bulgaria, the seaside land is a good opportunity to invest.

Buying in Romania

”As of January 1, 2014, the seven years in which only legal entities could have purchased land in Romania, and not individuals from other [European Union] countries, has expired. Now, as we speak, if any citizen from any country comes, identifies a land and reaches an agreement with the owner, they may buy it without any further notice,” said the Romanian minister, quoted by local agency Mediafax.

”There is a legal void of about a month. There is no other law into force to put other conditions until at February 10 the soonest,” she added.

Buying in Bulgaria

In November 2012 the Bulgarian government launched the Property in Bulgaria website, containing useful first-hand information on buying and selling property in Bulgaria and on property maintenance and the different fees and taxes involved.

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