Have a go at it . The fairer your skin is, the better you can do. You can’t get a job in Romania because of the rifle racism against you, then you move to Great Britain to escape all that, only to find out that the English people are even more racist than the Romanians sometimes. The only revenue you get is that the Romanians get the same treatment.

Your natural response will be : Why should I care about gypsies from a land far away. If you look at the back of your latop ,PC or tablet , you will read this : Not made in the Gipsyland

Today, I was shopping for children’s shoes , my wife who is from Yugoslavia, she explained to the guy who asked for advice that blue are for the boys and pinks are for girls. In Romanian.

They both spoke bad Romanian, I just kept quiet. I was just astonished that a ”tigan” would be shoeing without a woman in tow.


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