Watching films like The Pianist I often wondered what kind of people driven by hate will go after other people and won’t stop until they think this is enough in order for them to be happy.

I like to think that if I was there – I would have helped but it always involves a time travelling washing machine.

Eddie, Lincoln, 5 hours ago

Time to send some back then,. That’s what Brexit should mean and what most people really wanted when they voted out

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What kind of people will still kick a corpse after already being killed ?People like James Tapsfield from Daily Mail is one of them. This guy will milk the Eastern Europeans until blood comes out and then some more.

The only way to put this miserable individual out of his job is for all of us to leave the UK. He will cling on few more years, blaming the aftermath on EU but no responsible media employer could ever consider this guy a responsible human being.

The European migration to UK is down, yet he chose to go with :

WE HAVE 250 000 KIDS WHO ARE NOT PURE ENGLISH – the evil man even included the Irish kids.Then they act like its not their fault when European kids are bullied in schools.

P.S – The best war film ever made : Come and See (1985) You’re welcome.

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