As an EU lover, the EU may well be better off without England (contrary to many who think the EU will suffer at the loss of Britain) . It’s always been a reluctant member. The French vetoed Britain’s vote to join the EU and they were probably right to do so.

Economically England is a powerful member but it’s also a very selfish, mean, greedy, EXTREMELY hypocritical nation. It doesn’t deserve the EU. It is too closely tied to America and under Americas dominance to be anything but a very awkward member.

The EU should do itself a favour, let England go, and get on with strengthening unity, peace and prosperity. England is a bad apple. Let America have it. Let Donald be President. Scotland – break away. It’s about time.

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  1. The real danger is only to the Brexit project, esp as Brexiteers thought they would divide Europe, engineer a Frexit, Itexit, Polexit etc. But quite clearly when the far right nuts get into power, as they have done in Italy they quickly discover that they desperately need Brussels and without it they face capital flight and an imploding economy. Give people a bit of responsibility and they quickly grow up.

    Brexit, on the other end will persist as an anomaly in Europe and in the long run will become a case study in how nationalism can destroy a good functioning country and reduce it to a Mad Max dystopia.

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