The European Union is an old teenager. And like most old things ,the EU makes no exception from being boring. For an organization that had a modest beginning and it is used by politicians as a scapegoat , is doing well. For those wishing that EU will fade away ,you are wasting your time and you should rather take the free beer EU gives away every 50 years.
There is always a next time and yours will be in 2057.

The EU has provided peace and prosperity and that is something new for Europe. Of course that means nothing for someone who think that Great Britain is still at war with Germany or wants to keep his job free from competition ,so that he or she can be a lazy worker.

It is quite easy to understand why people want to protect their easy life style, even if the next generation will have to emigrate to India or China in search for jobs, as the big companies and corporations have the nasty habit of offering employment in locations where people work hard and are paid according to a mysterious competitive global wage system.

There is no secret that most nationalistic political parties are build to exploit these fears.There is no Boudica, we get Theresa May who looks and behaves like a cheap copy of Margaret Thatcher and Trump is her Ronald Reagan. The last elections shows that something is wrong, perhaps the Brexit electorate are quietly regretting their role in this mess.

A Swedish minister said last year: Brexit is like a toddler going to the toilet in their trousers. At first there is a feeling of warm relief. And then it’s just cold and wet.

The Labour Party is switching from Left to Right like a skier on a salmon run and by doing this,confused Liberal Democrats voters are being left with dubious options.

The EU has been good for UK even when Mrs. British is complaining about the her new east-European au-pair for not being able to fix her broken car or for being in a political union with countries like Bulgaria and Romania.
Theresa May claims that she is carrying out the will of the people. Power to the people, even thou they are killing us.

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