Fight on Wizz Air

Aeroportul Otopeni din Bucuresti, Romania. foto :Cristian Bortes

The pilots of a Wizz Air flight to Bucharest on Thursday evening requested the intervention of the police, ambulance and anti-terror team on the plane after landing. In a conversation with air traffic controllers, the pilots said that several passengers got into a fight during the flight.

After landing, the Airbus A321 Wizz Air stopped on runway 08R of Henri Coandă Airport, and the emergency crews boarded the plane. As a result of this incident, the scandalous passengers were picked up by law enforcement and will probably be detained.

According to a witness on board the plane, one of them allegedly consumed alcoholic beverages and later quarreled and got into a fight with other passengers. The plane in which this incident took place operated on Thursday night flight W63114 on the route Copenhagen – Bucharest and is still stationed on runway 08R of Otopeni airport.

The rest of the passengers were also disembarked from the plane on the airport runway and are transported by bus to the terminal. Due to the incident, the landings and take-offs from Otopeni airport are temporarily operated only on runway 08L / 26R.

About 40 minutes after landing, the plane was towed off the runway onto the airport platform. “The 44-year-old man, who is in an advanced state of intoxication, was taken from the aircraft on landing by the Border Police after causing a scandal on board the plane coming from the direction Copenhagen – Bucharest, following criminal proceedings are instituted for violating the provisions of the Air Code (art. 119 para. 2) ”, the Border Police transmitted. According to authorities, no casualties were reported and no weapons or dangerous objects were found on the man.

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