How Romania pushed UK out of the EU

Cersetoare romanca in Italia
Romanian beggar in Italy. Photo : Click Romania

Foreigners, health, economy, social integration, religion, refugees and Europe, is a combination for a political Molotov cocktail. Ukip and Farage, exploited the Credit Crunch, terrorist attacks, crimes committed by Europeans and transformed everything into political capital.

Romanii din Anglia si din alte tari sunt considerati cersetori si tiganiFarage did so much better than Guy Fawkes could have ever hoped for. The PM and the Government or even the House of Lords ,the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland are still dancing to his tunes.

They think if they stop dancing , Farage will be back and what better way to keep Farage at bay : be nastier than he is.

The Romanians have an anecdotal strong reputations for aggressive begging ,pickpocketing, washing cars and selling the Big Issues magazine by ethnic minorities, mainly gipsies.

UK governments and NGOs, have said over and over again that the Romanians are not doing enough to help them integrate. At the same time, they want to deport them back to Romania because they can’t integrate into the British society and it is for the Romanians to have another go at it.

The British right wing media did not forget about Bulgaria, is just that the British people are not entirely convinced that they are a real country and for Daily Mail, Daily Express and sometimes even The Telegraph , it is to much , so they stick with Romania.

Farage thrives every time an East European gets a parking ticket, let alone when one turns out to be a killer and his voters feel vindicated.

The beggars in Central London that can’t be stopped, the windscreen washer at the traffic light that can’t be stopped either. The murderer who could have been stopped at the border, but wasn’t.

The British people are used with passive beggars, and the Romanian (gipsy) beggars, in order to get something from the Romanians in Romania, had to develop a very aggressive approach and they just replicate what works.


This is what pushed the United Kingdom to vote out of the European Union, visual and emotional facts. Together with an overzealous right wing media, it provided the Leave campaign with the skeleton for them to put the flesh on.

The victims of Romanian race attacks – Belfast

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