Romania does not have the potency or the will to protect its own citizens. East European countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic , countries with a large gipsy populations are employing the same policy towards the ethnic group officially called Roma people.


French and Italian governments, are leading the way in Europe, using financial incentives of 300 euros (£237; $317) per adult , in order to make the deportations look like a volunatry choice. United Kingdom follows suit by deporting gypsy beggars from the streets of London.

In scenes reminiscent of Germany’s policy during the Second World War, Gypsy population are rejectect from Western Europe societies,  back to the country of origin, Romania being the host country of an estimated 5 million ethnic gipsy population.

The Gypsy Community ( Roma or Travellers )  are an ethnic group living mostly in Europe, who trace their origins to the Indian Subcontinent. The members of this particular ethnic group are plagued with accusations of being prone to criminal activities. Unsanitary camps where the Gipsy -Travellers live , pose a challenge to the quality of community life of the locals.

When the Gypsy [roma, romani]people arrived in Europe, the initial curiosity of its residents soon changed to hostility against the newcomers. The Romani were enslaved for five centuries in Wallachia and Moldavia, until abolition in 1856.Elsewhere in Europe, they were subject to ethnic cleansing, abduction of their children, and forced labor. In England, Romani were sometimes hanged or expelled from small communities; in France, they were branded and their heads were shaved; in Moravia and Bohemia, the women were marked by their ears being severed. As a result, large groups of the Romani moved to the East, toward Poland, which was more tolerant, and Russia, where the Romani were treated more fairly as long as they paid the annual taxes

Most Gypsies speak one of several dialects of Gypsy language.

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