If before Brexit ,I heard complaints that the Romanian farm labourer can’t fix your car or that the person wiping your elderly relative’s bum in a nursing home can’t speak English with a Yorkshire accent – you are in luck.

You are also in luck if you are an Asian who voted for Brexit,just because you think that the Polish and Romanians are immigrants who must experience Dante in the UK, if it comes to that, just like you did.

My neighbour gives me the tacit nod that they did not vote for me to get kicked out of the UK, apparently I am a nice foreigner.

No, I am not a nice foreigner, I am not even a nice Romanian and I have no intention to pay over £1k to become a not so very nice British person either, the same way I am not prepared to pay £1k to get a confirmation that I am a terrible European too.

-I did not vote against people like you. I voted against the terrorists coming over the border, foreigner people.

I hate people in an equal way and there is nothing bizarre about that. I love my dogs more than I love United Kingdom or Romania. If I had a dog and a choice to save Romania and United Kingdom from an eminent danger, I would save the cat. I like cats.

Your allegedly hurt feelings will not keep me awake tonight. Unless you throw bricks at my window in order to leave historical marks for people like Alfred Rust. British people did that to Romanians living in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Yes, they did. They shouldn’t stop.

I hope to get 1 million bricks to build a future for my children. In a United Kingdom that is part of Europe.

Berlin wall, very pretty – Brexit people want another one. Art Investment, canvas for Banksy

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