The Brexit toll on the NHS is starting to take place and United Kingdom is not yet (officially) aware of its profound effect on the quality and availability of care for the people who needs medical help.

Racism and abuses were common place before the Brexit, now is to be expected.

Uncertainty over status of European doctors putting NHS at risk as four in ten considering leaving UK following Brexit vote

A BMA survey of EEA (European Economic Area) doctors working across the UK has found that more than four in ten are considering leaving the UK following the EU referendum result.

Canada will replace the United Kingdom for those who speak English.

Most English speaking European Medical Professionals will replace UK with Canada,

This email was sent by a European and frustrated NHS employee and we show only fragments in order to protect the identity :

the cumulative effects of Monitor, TDA Work place Pensions and now HMRC changes to IR35, have taken their toll. In the past I have put up with the Racism, bullying and harassment in the NHS hospitals, because the hourly rate compensated, for this; now, alas, this is not the case.

I have had enough of the medical sector in the UK, which means, that I and a number of my colleagues from the operating theatres (Anaesthetists, surgeons and nurses) are leaving the UK. This is a quiet exodus, and will take time to be felt, in the Hospitals; I have a number of colleagues from EU countries and all are leaving the UK, to this extent I am no different, my house is up for sale, I am packed and ready to go, I am reverting back to the Teaching Hospital and University I came from, at least there I am being welcomed.

I wish you luck in recruiting staff, you are certainly going to need it.

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