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There’s a general behavioral trait that encompasses the essence of most of my co-nationals. Desperate self-centered aggressiveness. I’d say it comes out of sheer impotence, stupidity (lack of education to be more precise), desire to gain the edge when it comes to the most childish things even.
I propose a simple case study, originating from the every day-to-day aspects: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.
Oh, no! The Romanian average citizen is very special when riding the bus. Let’s see why:
Getting on the damn bus/tram/trolley:
– he/she waits anxiously in front of the main door, jolting you on the way out to let him/her get in that mere second. Don’t worry, if you can’t get off because of the fat cow or the smelly pig that’s climbing hastily the door steps, it’s because you might be educated! They actually expect you to harass them in order to get out of that fucking bus! Knock’em over, push them, wrestle them. Even the lil’old ladies coming with their gigantic shopping bags full of baloney from the local markets will crush and smash their way so that they don’t waste any fucking microseconds when the bloody doors slide open. Don’t be amazed if they’ll curse you for not letting them get on! Who the fuck cares that you want to exit.
– the blokes that camp at every exit so that they can make fucking sure they will not miss their stop.. which is actually over 5 stops from now. Regardless whether you’re outside trying to get on that ride or in the middle of the bus, crushed by huge Romanian lard asses and hoping to not miss your own stop, these lads and gals are always there, anxiously holding on to the handles so that they occupy top fucking spots when the damned event of their stop being next actually occurs.
Inside the damned transport:
– huge trolley bags getting carried around with grocery shopping.. impatient old people trying to sit down. Young uneducated people (no difference from the old ones). The youngsters act as if they’re part of a fucking mob, but lacking any charm and power of a true blue NY gangster. They’re actually talking like a blue collar worker, whose brain has been subjected to a mash right from the very first day. They’re annoying, playing loud balcanic-gypsy music on their smart phones.. (yeah, I think the only intelligence they carry is artificial).
– the bloke that decides to cross the fucking buss from one end to the other, with no real reason, pushing aside every traveler.. He/she enters the bus from the rear and goes right up to the driver door.. PUSHING everyone aside.. Why? It’s still a mystery to me.
– the street merchants that.. take the bus and perform business: they’re typically gypsies, selling flashlights, pens, towels and handkerchiefs, mittens, patches, you name it.. all the useless small shit you can imagine, they fucking sell. WHEN? During the fucking rush hours, of course (cause that’s when most normal people decide to travel, right? I, myself stand here and right this shit from my office). They’re fucking annoying! You can’t read or do anything productive because these idiots try to make a (dishonest) living while you move your ass.
– the smelly bum: oh yeah, this shit head comes in different flavours of putrid stench: the drunk bum, the pissed on self bum, the never took a wash bum, the dog vomit smell bum, the dog turd collecting bum and the almighty schizophrenic bum that talks to a horde of invisible other bums and swears like a mad excavator operator.
– the smart ass, giving the finger to the ticket controllers. Whenever the ticket controllers decide to “uniformly” check the tickets of random people (aka only presentable, actually might have money and be willing to pay the fine kind of people – gypsy not allowed, they might stab!), well.. then you can see the smart ass grabbing hold of the farthest exist and fingering the guys dressed in dull black (won’t recognize us) kind of uniforms. This guy’s so full of himself that when he succeeds in escaping the control men, he jumps out of the bus and moons them with a grin that even Ronald the Fucking McDonald would be envious of..
And finally!!!
The bus is in the station but you still see a few wild goats chasing the bus, not willing to take the next one (5 minutes, thank god, romania has a quick succession bus system: meaning you never know when your bus is due, but it will usually be there in the 5 minutes upto an hour). These hags run with their fangs out, smiling and giggling like stupid kindergarten maniacs just because they managed to squeeze their large asses and shopping bags inside the bus, 0.1 seconds before the bus shut the doors. Point is, Romanians don’t like to wait.. and the next paragraph shows exactly just that!
Is it morning? You gotta catch the bus to work, don’t you? You came in last at the bus stop queue? Never mind, perform a rugby trick and smash your way up front, holding on tight to your position and fending off any other people that might have been pissed by your aggressive maneuver. YOU NEED TO GET ON THAT BUS. You and the other 300 idiots.. Of course, arising from this chaos is another bomb of shit: the bus is packed with other Romanians, crowded like sardines in a can. You must get on I said! So you will push those bastards that are already on the fucking stairs to squeeze your ass in: One more, please, one more, come on, there’s plenty of space! Why should you admit that you were probably last and certainly not entitled to exert such a high priority demanding attitude. No, step right in, inhale bowel gases, expel your own and sweat in that public sauna.. cause ya like it that way, don’t ya, you educated Romanian piece of morning diarrhea of a man!! Fucking wait in the god damn line!! It ain’t gonna make your balls vanish if you take the next bus and travel in humane conditions, you piece of ass. You might say: I don’t have a car, otherwise I would have used that.. oh wait, I’ll tackle that issue in the next post for sure!
Now fuck off, to all of you orangutangs portraying in human beings..
NOTE: These events depict actual people and are not subject to any biased critics since they can apply to any kind of citizens, not only Romanians, I’m sure it does happen in all poverty suffocated and uneducated countries.