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Hate Romanians on #25633

I am a foreign woman living in Romania, and I have to totally agree with your description of Romanian men. I have male Romanian friends and the way they act just make me roll my eyes.

I once had a bunch of Romanian guys explain to me that Westerns are hypocritical because we have secret affairs, whereas Romanians openly cheat without fear of consequences. They said it was more honest. My experience with Romanian men is that many have three or four girlfriends – one for sex, one for money, and one for love.

Now, this is from the male point of view. I was talking about this exact fact with some female Romanian friends and they point blank – “Of course all men cheat. If you don’t believe this, you are naivee.” I responded, “But surely your fathers didn’t cheat.” And they laughed and said, “But of course they did!” I asked whether they would accept this from their husbands and they said no, that they now live in a new generation.

I hope there are other people who think the same way.