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Robert Sutton Spune:
mai 6, 2016 at 09:57

Andreia Sutton Bradeanu is not telling you the full truth of why her children were removed and her contact stopped. You should try and get the full facts and do some proper reporting. If you only print what people tell you without obtaining the truth and facts then you are guilty of just being a way of spreading gossip and the lies people tell you. It should also be noted that court orders in the UK prevent the Media from naming names or printing anything to do with this family court case. Clearly you don’t respect the laws in the UK. I also hate the British legal system but know that only a change in the law will take away the power that one single biased Judge has over so many innocent lives. Ultimately the truth will prevail and in the timing of God the law will be changed in the UK to take the power away that a single biased Judge has.
Andreia Sutton Bradeanu Spune:
mai 6, 2016 at 20:47

Normal ca la Robert Sutton nu-i place la domnul sa afle lumea ca a luat o copila asa tanara si si-a batut joc de ea si ce i-a facut la fiica lui din prima casatorie. Acest om mi-a facut viata amara si iad. Este un om manipulativ, periculos si bolnav mental. Mai are tupeul si curajul sa se declare crestin si isi inseala nevasta cu prietena lor, o lasa gravida in timp ce ea sta in casa lor. Apoi se insoara cu cea care si-a inselat nevasta cu care si cu aia au facut 2 copii, din care unul din ei a venit pe lume din relatia adulteroasa cand si-a inselat nevasta. Cei 2 copiii ai sotiei lui cu care si-a inselat nevasta i s-au luat copiii si dati in adoptie din cauza ca au descoperit pe recoduriile calculatorului si sim ca ea ia mintit ca nu mai are legatura cu el. In acele recorduri au scos chiar si conversatiile dintre Robert Sutton si sotia lui Nicoleta, care arata tot ce au vorbit si ca la lasat sa vada copiii. Acuma ca si-a pierdut copiii inloc sa lupte pt ei si sa-l lase in pace tot casatorita cu el este. De ce i-au luat ei copiii? Pt ca sa dovedit ca la ales pe el inlocul copiiilor, in timp ce eu m-am recasatorit si am rupt legatura cu un asemenea pedofil, pervers care umbla sa vaneze fetele tinere din Romania. Pe langa asta domnul o insela si pe Nicoleta sotia lui cu o alta tanara din Romania care pot dovedi. Pe langa asta sa tinem cont de fiica cea mai mare a lui Robert Sutton pe care abuzat-o sexual dupa acuzatia ficei lui cand avea intre 7-13 ani. Cei care il cunosc pe acest om, stiu de ce este in stare si cine este el cu adevarat. Ce spune domnul Robert Sutton, daca eu acuma dau in public declaratia fiicei lui care la acuzat de abuz sexual si motivele protectiei copilului si a tribunalului mi-au luat copiii? Toate documentele de la tribunal mentioneaza un singur motiv pentru luarea copiiilor mei :”Robert Sutton este un pericol grav si predator” dupa cuviintele la toate tribunalul din Liverpool si Londra plus psihologi. Si in ziua de azi am toate mesajele si scrisoriile abuzive si limbaj murdar de la Robert Sutton, raporturi si plangeri la politie etc. Acest om trebuie inchis pt ca are probleme mari mentale. Acuma Robert Sutton este implicat cu biserica lui din Anglia in misiune in Romania in Slatina Olt. Deschid centru pt copiii cu nevoi speciale, clar ca mahneste in el sa nu se afle ce a facut ca il da afara iara din misiune. Atat mai trebuie un asa om sa lucreze cu copiii cu nevoi speciale sa mai isi ia alt copil va victima. Ba da se da nume, de ce lasa sa stie lumea adevarul si care sunt copiii furati. Sunt copiii mei si eu decid pt ei nu un stat corupt.
Andreia Sutton Bradeanu Spune:
mai 6, 2016 at 20:50

Tot ceea ce spune in aceste articole este purul adevar. Nu spun nimic ce bu pot dovedi ca apoi sa fiu data in judecata sau alte probleme. Dragii oameni va asigur si fiti confidenti ca totul va iesi la lumina despre acest caz (coruptia ai abuzul statului si cine este cu adevarat domnul Robert Sutton care se da asa numit crestin nascut din nou. Lup in haine de oaie)
Robert Sutton Spune:
mai 7, 2016 at 17:09

Andriea lost her children because she was going from Man to Man, working as a Lap Dancer, neglecting her children while she spent her time on the internet while her children played alone in the garden with knives. Her Romanian husband Alex had drug convinctions and was involved with sending pornographic photo’s. The Judge found that Andreia was not a good mother but all this she keeps secret trying to paint herself as a saint. Andreia also broke court injunctions because she thinks she is above the law and can do what she wants. My book „LIKE GOLD IN THE HANDS OF GOD” is a true story of everything that took place. Andreia is a very manipulative person who plays with people’s hearts to get what she wants. The Judge saw Andreia for who she is. Stop your lying Andreia and accept what the Judge decided then you might move on with your life.
Robert Sutton Spune:
mai 7, 2016 at 17:36

You failed to tell people that the police investiagted the allegations made against me and decided their was no evidence and the police did not make any charges against me. You still manipulate people and the truth. If you are such a good mother why did the social services stop your contact with them? You also slandered the innocent family who are looking after our children and are trying to give them a good home. You are just a very bitter person who pretends to be a Christian but your actions show that you don’t know anything about God or the love of Jesus. It is time you accepted the part you played and why you lost our children and why they are in foster care. I will continue to pray for you Andreia as you really need a touch from God.
Andreia Sutton Bradeanu Spune:
mai 8, 2016 at 00:33

SATAN GET BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM, I AM NOT HAVING IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. What Robert Sutton is saying is totally FALSE. I will make public the court orders and judgements to prove to the whole world that Robert Sutton is a pedophile, liar, not a CHRISTIAN, HYPOCRITE. The book Like Gold in the hands of gold is a blaspheme, FALSE, it is dark and not language a so called BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN IS USING NOR THE CONTINUOUS ACTIONS HE IS STILL COMMITING. His book was ordered by the court to take his book off the market. I have made a written request and demanded that he takes his disgusting and false book of the market, that he had no permission from me to use my name, my children’s name or my husband’s name. I have made it very clear to Robert Sutton that I will take legal action against him. I demanded from him in writing a public appology. He refused to do so. The next step it is very strong legal action against Robert Sutton for damage with false accussations to my and my family’s name. Damage to our character. Damage for including personal information in relation to my personal intimate health as a woman. Damage for all the distress caused in all this and harrasment throught this false book. Robert Sutton is selling his rubbish for £15 (15 lire) Christians from England have read parts of his rubbish and stated he is a SICK MAN and felt phisically sick when they read it. In parts where he makes ceirtain references for example about Farm Fellowship Church (Ian and Christine Foulds) he has not told the truth. Mr and Mrs Foulds are asking people to speak to them about the true account which Robert Sutton has used about them. Mr and Mrs Foulds state the man is sick and deluded and they know Robert Sutton and what he is capable. They have been witnesses to some things which confirm that Robert Sutton book is deluded and false. They know all the abuse I had from Robert Sutton because he was jealous for moving on with my life. I also have other witnesses who will confim this and who have been present while Robert was harrasing and stalking me on the telephone, streets and late at night shouthing abuse through my letterbox. He climbed in my house thrpugh the window one night when i was at my street dance lessons and was waiting for me inside the house in the dark. He has broken my bedroom door because he was obsessed i was with a man, shouting abuse and falsely accussing me being a slut and worse. I was no longer with him at the time. I was on the telephone with the POLICE at the time he was kicking my bedroom door down and shouting, the police heard it all. When he broke the door down, he saw there was bo man in my house. The Police came and arrested him for what ge had done as well for criminal damage.

AS FOR THE MAN TO MAN accussation, let me make myself very clear to clear the record. I did not go from man to man. I was bo longer with Robert Sutton, every timr I wanted to have a boyfriend and court someone, he was angry and interfered and has destroyed my relationship. I met my husband Alex, he tried very hard to destroy our relationship. He was calling my husbamd a devil, dog, slut and user. Alex has put up with a lot of abuse from Robert, yet he stayed, did not leave as many would have done. We are still married and has been my strong tower in my suffering and fight for my children. I still have his abusive and dirty letters to prove this and text messages and role model as a CHRISTIAN. I am keeping them ALL for when my children are old enough to read such words. My children will NEVER see this creature again, I will make sure. I love my children and I will never allow such creature near my children. Even my son David told me to leave him for good when he was a todler very young child. Even now my son remembers when he told me that and how his father has trapped his mum’s thumb(big finger) in the door and the trauma what he had seen that night. My son remembers how he was bear his mum when this had happened and he has pulled his mum’s thumb out from between the closed door and how her thumb looked. Mr and Mrs Foulds are both very happy to speak to anyone at any time. Should anyone wish to speak to them please contact me on Facebook and i will give you their contact details.

I will release in public the court’s judgement which proves the only readon for the removal of my children being Robert Sutton. It has nothing to do with his false accussation from man to man neither that I had been dancing in any clubs. Just for the record „I did not dance in ANY clubs in NOVEMBER 2009 when my children were removed.

SO WHY DID ROBERT SUTTON WRITE his Lie, Crap and Delussion? TO USE THE MONEY FOR A GOOD LIFE. TO COMPLETELY NAIL AND BURY THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN. FOR PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IT AND GIVE HIM THE ATTENTION. TO TEY AND BLAME OTHERS BUT HIMSELF AS JUSTIFICATION ABOUT ALL HE HAD DONE (THE WORDS OF THE JUDGES ABOUT ROBERT SUTTON) TO ONLY WRITE ABOUT HIM ONLY WHAT HE WANTS PEOPLE TO HEAR. TO ONLY SAY PARTS ABOUT HIS ACCUSSATION IN REGARDS TO HIM SEXUALLY ABUSING HIS DAUGHTER FROM FIRST MARRIAGE. —– Why would he write such things if he was a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN? WHY Would he write such disgusting things about the mother of his children whom he kept telling her he lived her and wanted her back when he had married Nicoleta? Robert was a very angry man burning with anger and jealousy. He could not cope with the FACT that I was moving on. IN HIS LETTERS he states „YOU HAVE BROKEN MY HEART WITH MEN” How can a married man with Nicoleta still tell another woman such things and expect to have her whe you are married and she has moved on? HE went on to accuse my mother of going with men. He also has falsely accussed me of having sex with my family members. This is stomach turning, still WHILE DPUNG ALL THRSE he calls himself A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. The people who supervised my contacts with my children habe witnessed when Robert has followed my and Alex on the streets shouting abuse to us both, he even came to the family centre where contact was taking place. (There was also cctv and staff had to go out to him).

Robert has slashed all four tyres at my car because I was with Alex.He was reported to the police. He then felt guilty of what he had done and offered to pay for all four tyres.(I dud bot accept anything from him) Robert Sutton has written to me a letter while still married to Nicoleta and has told me he will pay me for sex £100 per hour,I still have the letter (I did not accept since I am not a prostitute and felt sick and disgusted. He did not like it and continued to be abusive) This is only a small summary of what Robert Sutton has done and who he trully is. TODAY he still declares himself as a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN, he stated the reason my children were removed becaise I went from man to man and danced in the club. TAKE NOTE OF WHAT HE HAS JUST SAID VERY CAREFUL. I will prove to the world what a LIAR the man who calls himself a born again christian is, yet all this and his church alliws him to work in Romania with children knowing about his past. I will post the evidence from the court stating only one reason and concern of why they took my children „Robert Sutton is a grave danger and a predator with the inclination for young girls” (Judge’s EXACT WORDS) As soon as i get the chance i will post this evidence,please keep your eyes on my facebook. I could go on and on, I could write big volumes. I will let the evidence to speak for itself. Dear brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, you are free to believe anything and I respect this. However, I have told the truth and nothing but the truth and to back it up I will show the evidemce, unlike him having no evidence but falsely and sickly accussing the mother of his children. May God bless you all and give you the wisdom to discern the truth. As for ne, I will no longer reply to any more sick messages from such creature. He saw I am not having contact with him, he decided to write here to get my attention and get in tuch with him even if it’s negative comments. Well, I am not playing any of his sick games, I am not falling for it. Leave me alone psycho and get on with your life and let me and my family ALONE (This includes my children, my husband and my Romanian family and friends) He had a triple bypass he boasted in his letter to the court. I am not rejoycing in anyone’s problems. However, I know God is a very JUST God and when He enters into judgement with you, it will be very quick just like God had done with the King of Babylon. Appologies for some spelling mistakes, my keypad is small and have typed quick. —- By the way, I have only just recently added the name Sutton to my name on Facebook in case my children are searching for me on that name as they are Sutton. I fid not add it because I still like having his name, I am sick and disgusted by such creature, someone who should not be walking around free, but this is UK JUSTICE. Andreea Bradeanu.
Andreia Sutton Bradeanu Spune:
mai 8, 2016 at 00:41

For the record contact with my children was stopped only because: I went public with my case. I had unsupervised contact with my children. I can prove this to well. All I have stated I have the evidence well kept with many copies made and not at home. My evidence it’s to valuable to keep at home. It will all come out at the right time. Actually I must mention how Robert Sutton has been always consistent at court that I was a good loving mother. Until I went public he always called my in statement at court a good loving mother.For the first time he decided to LIE again and try to derive from his SHIT petverted ways and to cover up what he had done.Excuse my language.
Andreia Sutton Bradeanu Spune:
mai 8, 2016 at 00:50

This creature has made threats to me that he will make sure I will never get my children back because I was with Alex whom he was calling a dog, a devil and a male version of a slut. I have a witness who was present when he has said this. The lady is a older lady and knows him and myself personally.
Andreia Sutton Bradeanu Spune:
mai 8, 2016 at 06:53

Please read the first article about our case. Everything written in these articles id the truth and nothing but the truth and i can prove absolutely everything, unlike the Delussioned Robert Sutton.
Andreea Sutton Bradeanu Spune:
mai 8, 2016 at 07:58

Hypocrite! After he has done so much damage to my and my children’s life he comes here to LIE and BLAME the mother for his own actions when all the court documents and judgements state very clear the reason for ky children being removed being him. The judge has said the same thing and that Robert is the worst of the worst, I agree with that.This creature is happy and content that my children were taken. After him being the ONLY reason they were removed because of his past and pedophilia towards such young girls, he has the courage to turn the blame in the mother to cover up what he has done. He says i should accept my children being foster care. What a parent would do that? One who only cares about himself, sexually perverted and the most selfish man I ever though you can ever meet. My daughters are not in a loving family, they are not happy. The diary sheets which the foster carers have written about the girls confirm this. The foster carers who look after my girls have made false reports about myself and my husband that we have harrassed them, swore at them and used innapropiate language towards them. Luckily we have recorded the incident when we went to see my daughters without tgem knowing. The Police has listened to the recording and admitted we have NOT swore or used innapropiate language. These carers have LIED that I went to my daughter’s school to kidnap her. (I never went to her school) They have LIED that they saw my at my oldest daughter’s school on a certain day and time and written all these un their statements. When I brought evidence proving I was somewhere else that day and time, they said „we meant to sat another day” I did not get any appologies. If I could not prove where I was that day, judge would have believed another FALSE accussation about me and would have found it against me. Just two examples if many. Of course I will never accept my children to stay in foster care. I am not like his wife Nicoleta who lost her two children because it was proveen she is still in the relationship with him and has let him see her children. She chose him over her children and they were adopted. She gave up on them and continues her life with him until even now. I moved on, married and still fighting for my children. This is the difference between the two mothers. Even Robert’s children from first marriage gave evidence against what he had done. He is very capable to do all his daughter has accussed him off. I can say this because when she gave evidence and was interviwed his daughter has said he was using certain tactics, words and behaviour as he has done with me in exactly the same way. He has even gone with Nicoleta to see my son outside while playing at the children’s home when he was not allowed to have contact with my children. Why go and destroy any chances I had in having my children back? Why put it at risk if he loves his children? Why did he not stay away from me when he was ordered if he loves his children? Instead he continued to stalk and harrass me and my husband. By seeing this Social Services have said that this man will never stop and that is why they refuse to let my children home.What was Nicoleta doing going to see my son? What right did she have? NONE! She should have been concerned abiut her children why got adopted and go to see them. Go and cause harm to her case not to mine. This man should not be free, he is mentally and people who know him know this to.
Robert Sutton Spune:
mai 8, 2016 at 16:15

It was you Andreia who gave me a sexual decease because of all the men you was having sex with going from Man to Man that hospital records at Southport would prove. Chipri, Danny, Dorin, Alex and me you were playing with at the same time plus a few other men that I know about.It was Alex with a drug conviction that caused the Judge lots of concerns. Your children were removed from your care in August 2011 the same time you was working as a lap and pole dancer in Manchester. It was in 2010 and 2011 that you had at least 4 men on the go at the same time because you was more interested in men than getting your children from the temporary care they were in. It was you Andreia that was happy to have my help behind the backs of the social services but when I got angry because of all the other men you were seeing you did not like it. You also hated the fact that the social services were planning to let Nicoleta have her children back and return to Romania with them and that was why you told the social services that I had been helping Nicoleta just like I had been helping you. God saw your evil plan and that is why you now have no contact with your children just like Nicoleta. I kept silent up until now about all your lusts and evil ways because I was determined to move on with my life and not let bad Judges and evil people destroy me. We all did bad things to hurt each other and I repented of my sins a long time ago and now move forward with my life waiting for the day my children are old enough to make their own decisions if they want to have contact with me. It is clear you are still a very bitter, vindictive and angry person at anyone who speaks the truth that you will not admit or accept. You have no respect for the law. You state I did not have your permission to mention your name in my book but you show what a hipocrit you are by posting media details of the names of people you never asked for permission to use their names. You are still the same Andreia that hates anyone who speaks out against you and your evil ways. My book tells the truth and that is something else you hate because it includes the good, the bad and the ugly concerning everything. It also makes clear that when we truly repent God forgives us because Jesus Christ paid the penalty for all our sins. Sadly andreia you still want to live in the past and not move on with your life. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord all the days of my life. Try doing what is right before God and treating people with love and respect and you might get better results. If I have lied in any way then issue a court claim against me and I will provide enough evidence to prove that what I state is the truth. I hope you will move on with your life and let people who don’t want anything to do with you do the same thing. I will be making a formal complaint to the police on Monday morning for your breach of Court Order.