‘Can I order chicken curry ,please. I ‘ll come and collect it myself’.

‘In the same container?’

‘Yes ,please.’

‘With no onion?’

‘Errr yeah ,no onion.’

‘Ok, it will be ready for collection in few minutes.’

My girlfriend hates onion. I have been using the same take away for more than a year now. Every time we had Chinese take away, she made sure there was no onion in it. As the Romanian cuisine is based on onion, I did miss a bit of onion in my food. So I brushed it off the same way I did with bread ,years ago.

We split up few months ago. The shop assistants ( a young guy about 24 yo and a girl about the same age, both Chinese) got the know me quite well, especially as my ex-girlfriend was very talkative. They would chat us up every time ,asking when are we going to get married. I would smile politely and watch my g/f telling them that we are bound to get married very soon.

I even started it to believe it myself. I ‘ve met her parents, they loved me so we had green light. Well ,few months ago we broke up. The shop assistants don’t know that. I do like onion .Yet I just can’t bring me myself to tell them that. I don’t wanna spoil what they think about me. A nice young guy ,about to get married to a nice young girl, who orders lately just one portion of chicken curry.

For as long they will trouble themselves to pick all the onion out ,I will keep saying: Errr, yeah….no onion please.

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