Life Without my Laptop ,un popular website din Anglia . Internetul nu este pentru persoane amabile

When my laptop died and not from an old age, oddly enough, the unauthorised transgression and it’s demise occurred unnoticed and unmourned by anyone except myself.

One minute I was watching a recording from BBC Question Time, I took my eyes off the screen for just a few seconds to get a beer and when my attention returned to the screen, there was just a small dot in the middle.

For a few seconds I wondered if the BBC production team got their CGI effects wrong, but I remembered that I was watching a recording and there was also a faint smell of burned electrical cable.

I grabbed the laptop and started shaking it to bring it back to life. I could start searching online for the First Aid procedure, but the nearest computer was a few meters away and I can’t afford to waste precious time. I kept shaking the laptop for a while.

Doing my best to hide my tears, 30 minutes later I make a public announcement that my laptop is dead.

I am very disturbed by this place. How could such a terrible death go unnoticed, when clearly I require therapy. I am deeply disturbed by the insanity and the indifference with which insanity is accepted as a modus vivendi.

At the moment ,I sit in a graveyard, surrounded by deceased laptops,computers and mortally wounded electronics. I just can’t part away with them. I take great comfort from knowing that my laptop did not die while I was watching porn. May it’s hard disk rest in peace.

In the meantime, I am a shell-shocked looking man staring out with an incredulous gaze at my new laptop and occasionally talking to himself. When my new laptop talks back at me – is not helping.

Faced with a dead laptop or nothing I had no choice, but I have an appetite for sentimental nostalgia when a new laptop running Windows 10 is my new friend.

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