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A SHAMED charity worker who fathered a child with a teenage Romanian girl could face child sex charges after returning to Stockport with his new wife and baby.

Last week the Stockport Express exclusively revealed how 50-year-old grandfather Bob Sutton had returned to Stockport with his 16-year-old bride Andreia Belenisi and their baby son vowing to “clear his name.”

This week, charity bosses confirmed they are poised to make an allegation to police of underage sex against Mr Sutton. A formal complaint could trigger a police investigation and a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. Mr Sutton’s son, David, was born in January, just two weeks after Andreia’s 16th birthday.

Although the couple legally married last month in a Romanian church, Mr Sutton could face prosecution for having sex with an underage girl under laws designed to deter so-called ‘sex tourists.’

In Romania the age of consent is 16 for married couples, but 18 outside marriage. Under British law a man can be charged with a child sex crime committed abroad if the offence is illegal in Britain and in the foreign country.