Extraordinary situation – translation from Romanian to English. Great Britain loves walls

Amore. Not anymore.Suddenly this place looks like a prison, where you are free to roam around,only because you are allowed to, not because you can.

I feel trapped by circumstances imposed upon me without me having a say. A bit like a BT contract when they send you a bill for £60 when you signed up for a £28 contract.

If I hear another English man or woman telling me that I am welcomed to stay, I think I will go sarmale on them. It’s always the English, never the Scottish or Welsh people. I am probably more miserable than you, you incredibly uninteresting individual.

Strainii incep de la Calais.
Guvernul britanic te va face sa te deportezi singur

I don’t want to pay £1000 just to be as artificially evil as you are. I am a natural, organic, free of charge individual. I dislike everyone and I am not afraid to disappoint anyone,but myself.

Just because I believe in Christian superstitions,it does not make me a less dangerous or adventurous foreigner. You better check your bank account, by now it could be empty, you might be in debt and you just bought a house in Transylvania,next door to Dracula’s Castle.

Most beings reading this are already asking themselves why don’t I go back to Romania, instead of complaining how unwelcoming the English people are sometimes.

1. I am drunk like that guy, you know the one.I can’t drive even if you drag me and push me into the car. I only have a licence to wash cars,not drive them.

3. I am tied up to the UK. HMRS said they will find me even in a Transylvanian forest, because the bears will give me away. Cave with no internet. Romania has more internet connections than I ever had sex.

The Brexit vote made me feel very unwelcomed. Not saying that Britain has laid the red carpet for me before Brexit. Inland Revenue and HMRC made my UK life a miserable one.

I used to love UK, now I love the European Union , Scottish moonshine and the fact that I still believe in the United Kingdom.

Welcome to the Romanian version of Hotel California


I am the hotel, not the customer. I might be a woman menstruating. Emotionally.And I am sorry.

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