James Dyson

James Dyson

A reminder of what notable Brexiters are doing:

1. James Dyson: HQ move to Singapore

2. Tim Martin: Wetherspoons profit drop due to Brexit

3. Nigel Lawson: Applies for French residency

4. Nigel Farage: German passports for family

5. Jacob Rees-Mogg: Investment fund in Ireland

What I find incomprehensible in all of this is why he actually moved the official HQ. Certainly, I can understand relocating executives and constructing manufacturing centres in various locations but the symbolism of actually now having to say: Singaporean Company, Dyson, doesn’t sit well.

James Dyson moved to a country which secured an FTA with the EU and taxes are low. 

Oh, how about telling us about Dyson’s purchase of land in the UK? One of the biggest landowners who is pricing out small farmers. He is hated by farmers, they know his goal is to destroy British family farms and turn farming into massive mechanized American-style farms with few workers.

Similarly, his decision to buy 25,000 acres (a bigger estate than possessed by the Queen) was a smart way of guarantee-ing that he can pass his wealth

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