Romania’s candidates for the Eurovision 2018,which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal later this year had to perform 100 metres underground in a disused salt mine.

The abandoned salt mine located in Turda, Transylvania, is a tourist attraction in Romania and over 20 tonnes of stage equipment had to be lowered and installed for the semi-final that took place on Monday.

The Salina Turda is a salt mine located in the Durgău-Valea Sărată area of Turda, the second largest city in Cluj County, Transylvania.

Salina Turda salt mine lake

Since it opened for tourists in 1992, Salina Turda has been visited by millions of tourists for it’s Sci-fi and surreal scenery that includes even a lake. Hollywood should take notice, the movie set this time could be for real and there is no need for expensive CGI effects.

Salt was first extracted here during the antiquity and the mine continuously produced table salt from the Middle Ages (the mine being first mentioned in 1075) to the early 20th century (1932).

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