I hate Romania

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        I am Romanian myself, even though I’m so ashamed to admit it.
        There are so many reasons why I hate Romania and Romanians. We are so stupid, judgemental, rude, uneducated, close-minded, superficial, we lack good taste, everybody thinks we are all gypsies (which we aren’t; they form only 3% of our country’s population), we’ve got a bad economy, most people are what I could consider ‘white trash’, many teenagers can’t even write the language properly, our mainstream “musicians” suck… I could go on for days, but I guess you get it.
        I can’t cope with this any more. I regret so much being born in this pile of trash which we still dare to call a country. I’m so ashamed and disgusted, I can’t even TRY to fit in this stupid society.
        But guess what… if I would go to another country I would just be treated like shit just because, oh well, I’m Romanian. There’s no hope left…

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        To my knowledge, this national self-loathing is a uniquely Romanian experience. Maybe we share it with some of our neighbours, but I doubt it. I’ve never seen a people dislike their own as much as the Romanians.
        This is going to be highly generalized, but as with most things I write here it’s rooted in personal experience and observations. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

        1. Romanians like the exotic, to be Romanian is the antithesis of what it means to be exotic.

        2. Romanians are often prejudiced. The thought process goes something like this: If you’re Romanian you’re probably bereft of interesting experiences and financially limited. You’re from ‘the-worst-country-on-earth’, after all. If you’re well off, then you’re just a rich asshole (probably a thief, too). Either way, your Romanian-ness ensures you’re seen as a person with limited horizons who likely can’t offer anything new or different.

        If you’re Western European or North American you’re the opposite of the above. Your life experience has given you a status that many Romanians aspire to; a solid education, an open mind, a passport to the civilized world (ie. America), and the ability to spend money. This places foreigners on a pedestal. Except if you’re African, Asian, Arab, Indian, or South American. Then you’re somewhat 50/50. On the one hand you still have the benefit of being exotic, but on the other you come from a similarly poor and ‘uncivilized’ place. Depending on your pigmentation, there’s also the risk you’ll be mistaken for a gypsy and that never helps in Romania.

        3. Few wealthy Romanians are seen as positive role-models. I mentioned the rich asshole stereotype above. They may own nice cars, but they drive and park like douchebags. They have money to spend but dress in tacky outfits and build tacky houses. Home design is stuck somewhere between ancient Greece or Rome, the 70s, and The Jetsons. My girlfriend couldn’t help overhearing a conversation between two pitipoance in a cosmetics shop. One of the girls was talking about how she had to pay the bouncer 50 RON for the privilege of parking the X5 in front of the ‘hottest club in Cluj’ and then drinking ‘Mumu’ champagne all night. I’m guessing she meant G.H. Mumm. Nothing you wouldn’t expect from any class of Nouveau Riche. This also explains why ‘average’ Romanians tend to disdain wealth when it is local. For more, see Gigi Becali.

        Foreigners by comparison appear less ostentatious about their wealth and less petty about it all. In some cases it’s true, but in most, it’s a simple misconception that won’t be dispelled as long as local barons behave the way they do.

        4. Most beautiful buildings in Romania were built by foreigners. As opposed to many of our Balkan neighbours, we’re not particularly nationalistic outside of the love for our unity. Rome’s (Trajan’s) conquest of Romania is considered a past glory and eulogized in the national anthem. The most beautiful buildings in Transylvania were build by the Habsburgs. Bucharest’s architecture is either reminiscent of the French Belle Epoque, or an ode to communism. Personally, I’m much more impressed by the tall, wooden churches of Maramures, but with the exception of the Brancovenesc style (itself multi-faceted), most architectural influence in Romania is not our own. There’s an unspoken expectation tied to foreigners in Romania, implying that they can better contribute to the improvement of Romania than Romanians can.

        5. Romanians don’t keep their word the same way foreigners do. When a non-Romanian tells you something will be done tomorrow, it’s going to be done tomorrow. When a Romanian says it’s going to be done tomorrow, it means they might start on it tomorrow – the actual deadline is flexible. This is far more common when exchanging goods and services than in personal relationships where punctuality and the value of one’s ‘word’ are extremely important. From a purely human to human perspective, it actually makes sense, but if you’re doing business in the country it can be a real mess.

        6. Romanians are rude and moody to each other. They mostly blame it on other Romanians. “Why should I smile if they’re not smiling at me?”, “why should I say please and thank you if they don’t even offer a greeting?”, “How can I be happy if politicians are stealing everything?” Foreigners are highly versed in common courtesy and more ‘pleasant’. As with the above, this is more obvious in professional relationships and at the point of purchase.

        One of the typical comments you’ll hear from Romanians who come back from their travels with stories about people ‘outside’ goes something like this: “The [insert nationality here] are so much more relaxed [than Romanians]. Everyone is so nice [as opposed to Romanians].”

        I’m torn on this particular point. I know how ‘nice’ Canadians can be. I know that behind the smiles you’ll often find daggers and that the tone of the ‘hello’, ‘please’, or ‘thank you’ says a lot more than the word itself. I think that the Romanian directness and casual interaction between strangers is charming in its own way. It’s the way families everywhere behave with one another. When a teenager sees his parents come home after work, they don’t say, “hiiiii” with a big, fake smile. A flat, “hey” is more like it. At home nobody’s offended by a curt, “pass the salt” or “give me the screwdriver.” It’s just more human to be direct and familiar with one another. I’ve gotten used to it and I don’t mind it. That being said, even if money’s tight in Romania, it doesn’t hurt to remember that smiles are free. And that they make you, and others, feel better.

        7. Check out this joke:
        Satan is carrying out an inspection of hell. His admin-devil is pointing out who’s roasting where and how his minions are keeping it all in check. “That’s where the politicians go” the admin says, pointing to a sulfur pit surrounded by devils with pitchforks. As soon as a head bobs up near the edge, one of the pitchfork-wielding minions pokes it back under. A large cauldron hosts the lawyers. On its rim, the demons are busy poking away as the lawyers try to escape. It’s hard work. And on goes Satan, surveying his kingdom of darkness until they come up to a lonely cauldron. “Why is nobody guarding that one?” he asks. “Oh, right, those are the Romanians, we don’t need any demonpower there.” Satan raises an inquisitive eyebrow. “It’s simple,” says the assistant, “when one tries to escape, the others pull him back in.”

        Finally, there’s my very personal experience with moving back to Romania. Throughout the first several months it was almost useless for me to speak Romanian. Once, near the Parliament in Bucharest, I asked for directions in Romanian and the guy started explaining in English. I insisted on Romanian, he insisted on continuing in English. In other places in the world, they turn their back on you if you don’t speak the local language, go figure.

        It’s not even so much about being friendly. What stands out in these cases is the willingness of Romanians to draw from otherwise invisible reserves of benevolence when it comes to accommodating foreigners. This is likely derived from Romania’s long tradition of hospitality. It’s a personal point of pride for most to be a welcoming host to one’s guests. The trouble is, other Romanians aren’t interesting guests, they’re the annoying family.

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        Hate Romanians on #25625

        es, this one’s all about those brave chaps out there, the almighty, retarded, uberconfident, don’t-need-fucking-manners Romanian drivers. Oh, I waited a lifetime to write this, I’ll even make an youtube account and video to start a new dimension of the series on how much life in Romania and Romanians can stink. And yes, I’m one of them.. a Romanian ex-driver currently. So I should know, right? Let’s hop-in and take the ride to Suckland!

        The fuck, parking in Romania makes Neil Armstrong’s so-called Moon landing look like a child’s play. Apart from the fact that’s as difficult as performing brain surgery with a scalpel driven by a crane, the other difficult part is finding a parking place – and that’s an adventure on its own – you’d be luckier trying to take a photo of Big-Foot taking a dump in the far Earth orbit! But I’ll assume you find one, otherwise there’s no point in carrying on with this ass of a post. So, you found one and you’re now employing the power of a Cray Supercomputer to find the trajectory that allows you to parallel park while trying not to waste your car. One tiny mistake and you’re bound to scratch it, dent it, slash it, drench it in a puddle of mud, get it stuck up on a roadside stone that’s higher than Fucking Everest because of a particular guy’s actions (VIDEANU!!!!). But yet again! I’ll be merciful and assume you’re one of those skilled naturals that can put the NASA computing labs to shame and do manage to park your car flawlessly. You have that grin of contentment on yer face, deeply satisfied, but hey! You have to circle Antares (the star you ignorant!) twice before you can reach home. I never said you’d find a parking place close to home. But the fun really starts the next day where you find your car to be:

        apparently ok, but with a bad windshield wipers day. There’s at least one dominant fat ass that decided you’re threading on his territory, his God given parking space, the space he was entitled to long before fucking Pangaea split. So here’s the message for ya: don’t ever park there next time or he’ll shit on your car through its exhaust pipe so hard that it will make those damn wipers stay erect as if they were forged that way. I never, but never understood why these retards find it useful to lift your windshield wipers thinking they’re intimidating people. For one thing, how the hell did they grow so obnoxious and get the impression they’re entitled to put their genitals on the World’s forehead? Who the fuck raised these hillbillies this way, the inbred of a cow and a pig? Stop lifting those goddamn wiper, you asswipes! You didn’t pay for the fucking parking spot, and if you live nearby, you don’t have a lease from Jesus himself for that place! Just because the place where you shit is near to that spot, it doesn’t make it your territory, you slimy baboons!
        bearing some modern art, apparently tribal markings.. that prove to be just the timid attempt of a frustrated asshole to perform modern art sculptures. With the fucking car keys! On your damn bodywork! What a prick, possessed by the retarded demons of Neanderthal cave drawing! That’s sure to give you a free ticket to the not-so-free paint shop! Oh wait, first you have to pay a visit to the Police and fill out 10 forms because it’s the only thing those damn pricks are good at, oh no, not finding out who did that, but filling forms and making you wait for those forms to be processed. Oh yea, 1850’s style baby! It so happens that scratches are inevitable, and they do appear after the prick warns you by lifting your wipers!
        completely and utterly gone! Where? The outskirts of town! Where the depo of the goddamn filthy jackasses that were so good in school that they decided to start an Illegal Parking Towing Company. Oh, these guys are smart! They usually tow away any car that the Corrupt Local Council can tag as being illegally parked! And it’s easy to do that thinking about how difficult is to just find a parking place! Not to mention the fact that if you happen to drive an Ocean Liner (any German or Big Ass American Gangsta SUV, or a 128 cylinder limo for that matter of fact) and block a one way road, they’re not gonna touch even a hair on your shadow! They don’t mess with corrupt rich people! they’re smart, so you’re gonna be their sucker, sucker! Apart from the fact that your car is not there any more, you’ll find out you have to pay two days of fine, even if you’re just 25 hours late.. fractions, as I said, is something these smart asses ignored in school, their calculators haven’t heard of floating point. And if you ask the police why they towed away your car: “Sir, it’s because you parked in a green area!”.. Green areas and Bucharest? Didn’t I mention puddles of mud, roadside stones over roadside stones, stones, garbage, dead dogs, rabid dogs, condoms, proofs of faulty condoms from twenty years ago, homeless camps and junkies? Well, they’re right, if you count the GREEN from all of those JUNKIES, then yes.. They must protect the Green Areas, yes Sir-e! Now pay up, fool!
        missing, and it was stolen.. and yes, you are F-U-C-K-E-D.. the Romanian Police will take charge of the case! You heard me, F-U-C-K-E-D!! Learn to spell it, you’re gonna hear it a lot!

        It’s time we move on with our post and describe something a bit more.. dynamic. YES! Literally making that wheel spin.

        That’s ok, we all enjoy a nice drive. But wait, in Romania!? You gotta be shitting me mate! Again, I resort to dissing Neil Armstrong and the guys that went driving those stupid moon buggies. They should’ve tried Romanian roads and only after successfully driving a century old Dacia for 100 km to attempt driving on the moon. That’s because the old Dacias, the Romanian communist clones of Renault 12 were so badly made that nobody cared if they got wrecked while road-killing an ant. They got one good side, they blended with nature parts such as: sticks, stones, granite, rusty wires, spit, duct tape, grass.. but not in a camouflage/stealthy sense, oh no! Those were indispensable repair tools for your damn ass of a car engine! Don’t even ask!

        Oh joy, Romanian roads! Like I said, even Berlin in 45 looked like a dreamland in comparison to how some “European” roads look like. Just cross the border from Hungary into Romania, if ya don’t believe me! You’ll see wooden pikes telling you where the side of the road should, technically, be! The rest is just imagination.. don’t have it?! Don’t drive, punk! The road is there, just imagine it!

        By the way, the big ass cross-country 4×4 Humvees won’t make it. It’s better to fly over the craters in our roads. And as a fact, we like them so much that we embed them in our new motorways as well! After exactly one year, they will emerge as if they were sown. Just add water, you’ll have lakes, craters.. don’t bother looking for any meteorites, bombs or shells. Our roads evaporate and reveal those marvelous craters! That’s why they cost so much to build! It’s not easy to make asphalt that;s so environment friendly that vanishes overnight! Instead of building roads, the Romanian government could save up on money and build glasshouses on the fucking Moon.. that’s how much 1km of highway costs. Oh well, but someone has to be richer than all fucking Arab princes in the world, doesn’t he?

        outside of town: like I said, watch out for’em craters! You might think the Dinosaurs went extinct because of meteorites and Romania’s the proof, but you’re wrong again. Our asphalt dissolves and drills holes into the ground, cement and so on. Damn asphalt! Want to see a beautiful landscape? We have: mountains of garbage, deserted/abandoned crop fields, poor-people villages, ghettos, stray dogs, picnic campers that fry baking soda enriched meatballs and drive away the songbirds by pumping up the volume of cheap, stupid, dirty Manele music
        the Highway(s): All one and a half distinct and functional highways Romania has.. and they’re sure to present you with a Next-Generation experience: the Photon-Torpedo SUV Jean-Luc Picard driver! This is usually a gypsy asshole wannabe-gangster, a Romanian wannabe-gypsy, or a corporate never-worked-for-their-money filthy rich son of a bitch. They all tend to drive the same cars: impotent off-roaders that are overpriced and able to reliably hike only flat ant-hills. But they sure do trick the Romanian harlots into riding them..erm.. that came out wrong, riding next to these drivers. (Did you think MOST Romanian moms are smarter than their offspring? How come that we’re 22 million assholes then? Productive moms, yeah! FTW! Nothing wrong here, but they’re as stupid as a mad-cow diseased dead earth-worm). So these drivers think they’re kings of that fucking road and that when they shift gears, they’re actually sending a Warp Level request to Mr Worf! The ultimate proof is that these smooth-brain ass mongers will fire their phasers and launch photon torpedoes by nervously pulsing their headlights just so they can go faster than you on the fast lane! And you’re already doing 10 miles over the limit! They NEED to reach light-speed before they die, and the Romanian Highway is the only place they can show others how fast their car is and how big their duck is. Oh yeah, these babies will blind you if you dare to look in the rear-view mirror. I swear, 90% of Germany’s SUV Mercedes/BMW/Audi/VW and alikes end up on those 250 Km of so-called Romanian Highways! What the fuck? I’m so poor that I have to eat baloney for the next 50 years just to take one of those huge ass Submarine class cars for a test drive! How the fuck is it possible for this CUNTRY to have so many retards that afford those expensive sons of bitches? It’s like the Star-Trek fleet flooding the asphalt! The Fuck People!!!
        FINALLY! (Sh)(C)ity Roads: The streets of Bucharest are the ultimate exhibit of idiots! Crazy drivers speeding to catch the orange light as if it was the only way to make it through an intersection. Shitty drivers that decide to park exactly when they see a spot. Who needs direction lights/signals? Fuck the guy on your tail! Hit the damn brake, he’ll have to jump through the windshield if he’s not careful! Oh yeah, and why not stop for the light exactly on the pedestrian crossing! It’s that extra 2 meter advantage that will give you the ultimate 10 nanosecond edge! Fuck the guys that have to hunk and flash their lights rabidly to alert you that the green light was on for the half past minute! You’re DA BOSS! And if you’re a pedestrian trying to cross the street, walk, or even get out of your house.. remember! The law of impulse says that he who has the bigger mass.. will tear your ass! And that’s the only law that applies! Even though the Police don’t know Physics, they also seem to agree with this one law. And of course, they seem to be more knowledgeable as the amount of cash in the driver’s bank deposit is bigger! That’s what makes the law of Physics affect some people more than others.. I swear, is this the fucking Matrix?

        POINT IS: Romania will drive you madder than the hatter was when he snorted cocaine with Keith Richards off of Ozzy Osbourne’s ass!

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        Hate Romanians on #25627

        There’s a general behavioral trait that encompasses the essence of most of my co-nationals. Desperate self-centered aggressiveness. I’d say it comes out of sheer impotence, stupidity (lack of education to be more precise), desire to gain the edge when it comes to the most childish things even.
        I propose a simple case study, originating from the every day-to-day aspects: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.
        Oh, no! The Romanian average citizen is very special when riding the bus. Let’s see why:
        Getting on the damn bus/tram/trolley:
        – he/she waits anxiously in front of the main door, jolting you on the way out to let him/her get in that mere second. Don’t worry, if you can’t get off because of the fat cow or the smelly pig that’s climbing hastily the door steps, it’s because you might be educated! They actually expect you to harass them in order to get out of that fucking bus! Knock’em over, push them, wrestle them. Even the lil’old ladies coming with their gigantic shopping bags full of baloney from the local markets will crush and smash their way so that they don’t waste any fucking microseconds when the bloody doors slide open. Don’t be amazed if they’ll curse you for not letting them get on! Who the fuck cares that you want to exit.
        – the blokes that camp at every exit so that they can make fucking sure they will not miss their stop.. which is actually over 5 stops from now. Regardless whether you’re outside trying to get on that ride or in the middle of the bus, crushed by huge Romanian lard asses and hoping to not miss your own stop, these lads and gals are always there, anxiously holding on to the handles so that they occupy top fucking spots when the damned event of their stop being next actually occurs.
        Inside the damned transport:
        – huge trolley bags getting carried around with grocery shopping.. impatient old people trying to sit down. Young uneducated people (no difference from the old ones). The youngsters act as if they’re part of a fucking mob, but lacking any charm and power of a true blue NY gangster. They’re actually talking like a blue collar worker, whose brain has been subjected to a mash right from the very first day. They’re annoying, playing loud balcanic-gypsy music on their smart phones.. (yeah, I think the only intelligence they carry is artificial).
        – the bloke that decides to cross the fucking buss from one end to the other, with no real reason, pushing aside every traveler.. He/she enters the bus from the rear and goes right up to the driver door.. PUSHING everyone aside.. Why? It’s still a mystery to me.
        – the street merchants that.. take the bus and perform business: they’re typically gypsies, selling flashlights, pens, towels and handkerchiefs, mittens, patches, you name it.. all the useless small shit you can imagine, they fucking sell. WHEN? During the fucking rush hours, of course (cause that’s when most normal people decide to travel, right? I, myself stand here and right this shit from my office). They’re fucking annoying! You can’t read or do anything productive because these idiots try to make a (dishonest) living while you move your ass.
        – the smelly bum: oh yeah, this shit head comes in different flavours of putrid stench: the drunk bum, the pissed on self bum, the never took a wash bum, the dog vomit smell bum, the dog turd collecting bum and the almighty schizophrenic bum that talks to a horde of invisible other bums and swears like a mad excavator operator.
        – the smart ass, giving the finger to the ticket controllers. Whenever the ticket controllers decide to “uniformly” check the tickets of random people (aka only presentable, actually might have money and be willing to pay the fine kind of people – gypsy not allowed, they might stab!), well.. then you can see the smart ass grabbing hold of the farthest exist and fingering the guys dressed in dull black (won’t recognize us) kind of uniforms. This guy’s so full of himself that when he succeeds in escaping the control men, he jumps out of the bus and moons them with a grin that even Ronald the Fucking McDonald would be envious of..
        And finally!!!
        The bus is in the station but you still see a few wild goats chasing the bus, not willing to take the next one (5 minutes, thank god, romania has a quick succession bus system: meaning you never know when your bus is due, but it will usually be there in the 5 minutes upto an hour). These hags run with their fangs out, smiling and giggling like stupid kindergarten maniacs just because they managed to squeeze their large asses and shopping bags inside the bus, 0.1 seconds before the bus shut the doors. Point is, Romanians don’t like to wait.. and the next paragraph shows exactly just that!
        Is it morning? You gotta catch the bus to work, don’t you? You came in last at the bus stop queue? Never mind, perform a rugby trick and smash your way up front, holding on tight to your position and fending off any other people that might have been pissed by your aggressive maneuver. YOU NEED TO GET ON THAT BUS. You and the other 300 idiots.. Of course, arising from this chaos is another bomb of shit: the bus is packed with other Romanians, crowded like sardines in a can. You must get on I said! So you will push those bastards that are already on the fucking stairs to squeeze your ass in: One more, please, one more, come on, there’s plenty of space! Why should you admit that you were probably last and certainly not entitled to exert such a high priority demanding attitude. No, step right in, inhale bowel gases, expel your own and sweat in that public sauna.. cause ya like it that way, don’t ya, you educated Romanian piece of morning diarrhea of a man!! Fucking wait in the god damn line!! It ain’t gonna make your balls vanish if you take the next bus and travel in humane conditions, you piece of ass. You might say: I don’t have a car, otherwise I would have used that.. oh wait, I’ll tackle that issue in the next post for sure!
        Now fuck off, to all of you orangutangs portraying in human beings..
        NOTE: These events depict actual people and are not subject to any biased critics since they can apply to any kind of citizens, not only Romanians, I’m sure it does happen in all poverty suffocated and uneducated countries.

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        Hmmm….this is a tough one, as I haven’t dated a Romanian in ages and, in any case, I can only provide a girl’s perspective. I would hazard myself by saying that Romanians are a bit macho, they usually don’t know how to treat a women, of course exceptions are accepted, they wait for the girl to do all the tough part in taking the initiative while playing the cold, indifferent bastard. Then again, this is not a Romanian characteristic, I have seen worse. If they are not playing the untouchable, they are awfully dependent, possessive and annoying. Romanian men, I have heard, are unfaithful, macho, liars, and treat their women as their own possessions. Distinctions and perspective must be kept in mind; this description does not necessarily include the urban, educated male always.

        Generally, Romanian man are not as attractive as Romanian women, this is a fact of life, verified by many enthusiastic foreigners coming in this country for the famously beautiful Romanian girls. I don’t know how is to date a Romanian girl, I have never tried, and those who dated me …..that is difficult to track down and take the confession out of them, which places me in a very good position here.

        Well, distinctions must be made also, on age, education, background, big city, small city. In Bucharest, not many people care about dating anymore, the relationships are at loose; I think is not trendy anymore to have a girlfriend/boyfriend….and that will probably make a very interesting sociological investigation. You can still find good guys, but these are afraid to approach women genuinely and often girls are left out being approached by awfully boring, persistent types….because the boring, uninteresting ones are always persistent. What else? As mentioned before, I don’t know much about the Romanian man profile lately, as I wasn’t hanging with Romanian men much, or at least I didn’t find yet a truly intriguing one. I am also not into the ‘hunting foreigners’ typology, is just happened that I have been in love with a foreigner, and in the last few years I have travelled and met other people, so not much socializing with Romanian men in this context. I should add that, generally, Romanian men and women have a weakness for anything foreign; so if you are a foreign in Romania, that makes you exotic instantly and your chances to date –and more- are high. A friend of mine was complaining the other day that in Romania male are coming mostly looking for the attractive Romanian female, while exotic foreign women for the Romanian male rarely. What can I say?! Life sucks sometimes.

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        Hate Romanians on #25633

        I am a foreign woman living in Romania, and I have to totally agree with your description of Romanian men. I have male Romanian friends and the way they act just make me roll my eyes.

        I once had a bunch of Romanian guys explain to me that Westerns are hypocritical because we have secret affairs, whereas Romanians openly cheat without fear of consequences. They said it was more honest. My experience with Romanian men is that many have three or four girlfriends – one for sex, one for money, and one for love.

        Now, this is from the male point of view. I was talking about this exact fact with some female Romanian friends and they point blank – “Of course all men cheat. If you don’t believe this, you are naivee.” I responded, “But surely your fathers didn’t cheat.” And they laughed and said, “But of course they did!” I asked whether they would accept this from their husbands and they said no, that they now live in a new generation.

        I hope there are other people who think the same way.

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        scoala on #27959

        Good, you are a very nice person

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