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        Migrated a very old site and somehow, they lost all the data. Hosting with them was a nightmare their support hard to find when you have an emergency. The worst technical support and customer treatment I’ve ever had for such simple issues. Simple syncing of an email account between Microsoft Outlook and the site ground server has caused that many headaches, lost email, and lost time I’ve been forced to switch website and email provider. Not to mention that I’ve been repeatedly told by multiple technical support staff that I should pay their friends on Twitter and forum to fix the website.

        Waste of time, frustration, and their fees increase every year, Fake Reviews on Facebook, Greengeeks, PCMag, Trustpilot and other websites. Siteground Reddit are fake Reviews by children and kids online, from Eastern Europe and India. They work with Envato, a scam business model.

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        SiteGround, o înșelătorie pentru găzduire web

        The fact that SiteGround completely falls down when it tries to spin up a new non-WordPress site is…not great.
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        None of this true. I had the worst experience using your service to host my site.
        2:51 AM · Dec 8, 2022

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