What is it like to be a gay (male) foreigner in Romania?

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        romanian on #9851

        Is it safe to be open? My impression is that it’s not. Is there much gay culture in places like Bucharest or Cluj?

        Dan Salajan, Romanian
        Answered 23 Feb 2016
        I can give you my intuition only: in the cool bars and clubs from the big cities (Bucharest, Cluj etc.) where the people inside look civilized (=like westerners, you’ll recognize it), it is absolutely fine to be open (hold hands, kiss etc.), as far as I saw it many times. There are also some gay-friendly bars. Spot them :-).

        Otherwise, I’m really sorry, I wouldn’t go open, people can be quite primitive about that. I don’t think you’ll be physically aggressed, but it won’t be a smooth experience either, my conjecture.

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