Some classic Romanian films you must watch if you love foreign movies and don’t get distracted by the subtitles. The Romanian cinema is very opposite to Hollywood style movies, in keeping with the European film making.

Portraying more often than not, the fabric and morality of the Romanian society, Romanian films are authentic when dealing with complex social issues and characters.

Closer to the Moon, a film made in English language depicts a true and bizarre story of Jewish bank robbers accused of carrying out the most famous bank robbery in a Communist state. (photo credit: courtesy Mandragora Movies)


Another true story of a woman who died after an exorcism ritual in a remote monastery in Moldova ( a region of Romania).


4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days is a fascinating drama about an illegal abortion that takes place during the final years of communist Romania.


The Death of Mr. Lazarescu is a Romanian dark comedy about an old man taken by an ambulance from hospital to hospital when the doctors refusing to treat him are playing ping pong with him.


Police, Adjective is a dark comedy about a policeman investigating a teenager who smoked hashish.


Documentary about Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator who ruled Romania with an iron fist.


If you like to watch American westerns this might be the right film for you. AFERIM! is a drama that takes place in 19th century Wallachia ( a region from Romania). Aferim means Bravo in Turkish language. The story revolves around a Gypsy slave who had to run away after having an affair with his master’s wife.


12:08 East of Bucharest is a dry and dark comedy about Vaslui, a town in Moldova, a region of Romania where the Romanian revolution from 1989 did not take place and a talk show host wants to have a program dedicated to city’s role in overthrowing the communism.

The Paper Will Be Blue is film about a Romanian soldier who decides to abandon his post and to fight for the Romanian Revolution that took place in December 1989.

California Dreamin’ is a Romanian comedy about the Kosovo War, NATO, SUA and a train stopped in a small village by a station master who wants everything done by the book.

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