Living in Romania

Welcome to Romania

If you wonder how living in Romania would be like , some people already did that. Enjoy the video clips. Just be clear, Romania is more like the Deep South in United States than anything else. With a bit a bit more culture and history.  Learning Romanian is not easy if you don’t speak a Latin based language.

“It would be impossible to get a Romanian language course where I come from, so I needed to learn some on the spot. I must admit, that because I work in an international environment and don’t do my homework in Romanian course, and my native language is quite different from Romanian language (Italians and Spanish have it easier), the language progress is super slow. I am stuck at the level of using numbers at the market. The education ministry also offers Romanian classes for foreigners, that are approximately 3 months long and cost about 100 – 150 euro per month.”

Romania’s image has taken a battering in the British press and is a country the Britons would least like to live in.


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  1. Hello
    Could anyone tell me if there is a British expat-community in Timoisoara?
    Thank You very much

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