Boris Johnson explaining Brexit to the “Remoaners”

Boris Johnson blocat pe sârmă. Poate ar fi fost o idee bună, sâ-l fi lasat acolo.
Boris Johnson blocat pe sârmă. Poate ar fi fost o idee bună, sâ-l fi lasat acolo.

The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson,who has a very dubious past when it comes to trust,is giving speeches about how great Brexit will be for UK.

Using The Sun newspaper as medium to spread the good word to the morons , (to those of whom probably already voted for Brexit is like preaching to the converted)  he has Rupert Murdoch on his side.

Boris Johnson is trying to keep Brexit simple by using pictures and short sentences to reinforce the message. A bit like a colouring book for the traitorous Remainers.

This planet is called Earth and is quite big and blue. Soon, UK can start trading with other planets. This is a real picture , not empty rhetoric. It says GETTY on it.

The British paid a visit – not visited Europe, gets the message through into the skulls of feeble-minded “Remoaners”

This is your flag in case you don’t know it and I am going to be a great Prime Minister. Be patriotic and ignore facts. I am the new Churchill and at the apex of my political gamble.

Then comes the suspicious Diaspora. He had to explain what diaspora means to the readers (stealing the job from the Education Minister), just in case the morons think that Diaspora is a “Johnny Foreigner” in UK not out of it. He is smart enough not to use the wording; ex-pats or migrants.

Today six million Brits live scattered around the world, giving us a bigger diaspora (dispersion of people from their homeland) than any other large rich nation. There are more British people in Australia than in the whole of the EU

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  1. The massive migration wave caused by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started by US with the help of countries like UK and Romania is not a (dispersion of people from their homeland) into Europe ( the EU voted against – remember the french fries renamed to freedom fries ? ) . They are not diaspora or expats. They are victims.

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