Consumul de alcool este factorul principal pentru care numarul de persoane ucise sau ranite in accidente rutiere a crescut la peste 9000, cel mai mare numar inregistrat din 2012.

Soferi beti au ucis sau ranit aproximativ 9.040 de persoane in 2016, intr-un singur an in Marea Britanie, arata statisticile, cel mai mare numar din 2012, peste 8.470 de accidente inregistrate cu un an inainte.

It took me six hours and 15 minutes in the car to get here. It should have taken three and a half to four. That has nothing to do with professionalism. What is does have to do with is a country in which the population is going through the roof, chiefly because of open-door immigration, and the fact the M4 is not as navigable as it used to be.
In all these years in Ukip, that’s probably about the third event out of a thousand that I haven’t made in time.

Nigel Farage

Care este legea privind conducerea unui vehicul sub influenta alcoolului in Marea Britanie si cum se compara cu alte tari?

Anglia si Tara Galilor se numara printre tarile care au cele mai blande legi de conducere sub influenta alcoolului din Europa.

Conducatorilor auto li se permite sa aiba 80 de miligrame de alcool pe 100 de mililitri de sange, 35 de micrograme pe 100 mililitri la respiratie sau 107 miligrame per 100 mililitri la urina.

Metabolismul nu este la fel pentru persoane de varste diferite, greutati si procesul de toleranta la bauturi alcoolice,pentru soferi si soferite. Regula generala este ca nu poti conduce dupa ce ai baut o halba de bere sau un pahar de vin.

In majoritatea tarilor europene limita este mai mica, de obicei 50 miligrame pe 100 mililitri in sange.

Limita de alcool pentru soferii din Scotia este mai mica decat in restul Marii Britanii, dupa ce a fost redusa la 50 miligrame de alcool in fiecare 100 de mililitri de sange in decembrie 2014.

Ce parere au englezi despre soferii romani si polonezi :

I would put a nice wedge on the fact that the increase is not due to Brits, but our import Eastern EU cousins….

totally agree, they’re always drinking and driving like maniacs, and i know this because i live on a dead end road and they use it as a racetrack with no regard for the kids that play out in the street… police do nothing and i’ve had countless arguements with them

hey don’t transfer points or fines either, mostly scrap them, off the record. I want statistics on the numbers done. Age, background, skin, new Brits, area, the works. It will help us identify the real issues. That will give us real answers. With no police around, nobody is getting pulls, they tend to rely on either cameras or on the spot fines when forces need cash. So, answer me, how many here were pulled by police on spot checks in the last five year? I’d estimate 2%. There is the problem. No consequence. Also, I think if we did drug tests, figures would be treble, but they want to cover our problems, not face them.

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