Theresa May a pornit ofensiva impotriva Uniunii Europene. Prim-Ministrul britanic declara discret ca presa Europeana publica Fake News – Stiri inventate , si ca politicienii Europeni ameninta Marea Britanie.

O intereventie extraordinara pentru un Prim-Ministru Britanic, care conduce un cabinet majoritar din Number 10 Downing Street.

Partidul Conservative a fost ales pe baza la stiri false,de genul : banane strambe nu au voie sa fiu vandute in Marea Britanie, emigrantii Europeni primesc mai multi bani decat contribuie la bugetul britanic sau ca Uniunea Europeana interzice deportarea teroristilor din Marea Britanie.

Prim-Ministrul Regatului Unit,in mod discret, acuza Uniunea Europeana ca foloseste aceasi strategie pe care Rusii au folosit-o in alegerile americane, pentru a influenta alegerile generale din Marea Britanie, fara a face referinta la referundul European.

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  1. Guardian on

    Yet as the government of Theresa May and its cheerleaders in the billionaire-owned press continue their illogical, ignorant and deluded promises and accusations over Brexit, it is time for Europeans to reconsider this idea of the British – or, to be more accurate, of the English.

    Agreed. Just when you thought that there’s no further depths of stupidity for the UK to sink to, that we’ve finally reached peak stupid, a whole new vista of stupid yawns open.

    The UK inexplicably voted to inflict serious harm on ourselves, and to inflict collateral damage on our closest allies. Now we’re simply amazed that the EU doesn’t just want to roll over and let us do what we want. But…but…we’re Britain! Don’t they know that? Why are they so vindictive? Why are they picking on us?

    We choose Theresa May, the most awkward, stilted, charmless politician in recorded history to negotiate on our behalf. She predictably humiliates herself, and the UK, and then we blame the European press for pointing it out. Our own press foams at the mouth, spitting venom every day, but we expect the European press to be impartial. Why?

    We disregard all logic and economic expertise, and make a stupid political decision to Brexit. Now we’re astounded that the EU are also prioritising political imperatives over economic ones, by making it difficult for us. Why do we expect completely different standards from the EU than we apply to ourselves?

    There seems to be very little awareness in the UK, and definitely not from the government, that we’re the ones doing all this. The EU are just reacting, logically and predictably, to protect their own interests against our senseless, mindless, stupid actions. They’re not doing anything to us. We’re not victims here.

    What’s happening now is what was always predicted, by everyone who knows anything about these things: the ridiculous fantasies of the Brexit campaign are coming into contact with reality, like a cruise liner grinding into an iceberg. And the magic beans salesmen who brought us here are busy blaming the EU for the mess they created.