Mamaliga - polenta, the cornmeal porridge


11/02/2022 Kathryn Dobson 1

Ah yes, time to talk about the single most important Romanian food of all time – mămăligă (pronounced mama-league-ah). Any time I ever mention this […]

Romanian Restaurants

08/08/2018 Guest Scriitor 0

From my personal experience, Romanian themed restaurants in UK should be avoided, unless you want to experience a Soviet style , working class canteen/restaurant. A […]

Best Romanian films

15/03/2018 Ion M 0

Some classic Romanian films you must watch if you love foreign movies and don’t get distracted by the subtitles. The Romanian cinema is very opposite […]

Beautiful Romanian Women

15/03/2018 Ion M 0

A list of Most Beautiful and Sexiest Romanian Women in the World. Romanian girls and women have a reputation for being among the best looking and […]