So, a no-deal Brexit would be good news for the City eh Moggy? I wonder if the following has anything to do with that statement:

Some short while ago the Sunday Telegraph published a little article (you could be forgiven for not seeing it) in the Money section which revealed this bombshell:”Hedge fund bosses, including Crispin Odey, are wagering billions on a slump in the pound…A bet of £2.8 billion [and that is just one of the bets!] has been taken amid no-deal Brexit fears…”

Wow, there are billions now at stake resting on the UK having a no-deal Brexit eh?

No wonder, with all of that money sloshing around, that so many people are desperately trying to undermine the PM’s attempts at striking a deal.

In the light of this as a city gent himself it is no wonder that Moggy is excited about there being a no-deal Brexit.

I wonder how much money is being spread around buying influence to try to ensure that there is no-deal so that these people do not lose their billions.

PS. I wonder if anyone asked him about this (the investment fund the city firm he co-founded set up in Ireland to avoid the dangers of a no deal Brexit is a telling theme playing in the background). I wonder if anyone in the audience knew about this bet on a no- deal.

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  1. The latest business news
    • A growing number of Japanese companies are moving operations out of the UK. Panasonic has moved its European headquarters from London to Amsterdam, the retailer of Muji products is planning a relocation to Germany and robot maker Yaskawa Electric Corp., is choosing continental sites for new operations in order to stay close to European customers.
    • Brexit would hit Cornwall harder than any other region in the UK due to the high proportion of EU exports in the most vulnerable goods sectors, particularly food and live animals, 90% of exports to the EU, and material manufactures, 69%. While Cornwall voted for Brexit, more people there have changed their minds than anywhere else in the country and a majority now believe Britain will be better off inside the EU.
    • EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation: a hard Brexit would put thousands of manufacturing jobs and hundreds of billions of pounds of exports at risk and could destroy much of Britain’s manufacturing base.
    • The Japanese carmaker Nissan has warned the government that serious disruption will be caused to its huge manufacturing operation in the north-east of England if the UK fails to secure a deal with the EU that avoids a hard Brexit. Senior executives at Toyota, BMW and the PSA Group, which owns Vauxhall, have all warned this week that they are likely to reduce their operations in the UK in the event of a hard Brexit. In September Ralf Speth, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, warned the prime minister that its operations faced grinding to a halt and that “tens of thousands” of jobs in the industry could be lost.

    EU referendum: Heads of Unilever, Airbus and GE accuse Leave campaign of using their names for ‘propaganda’

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