Love is not fashionable anymore. Cynicism and arrogance rule and ‘hard to get ‘’ attitude.

The war between sexes acquired the pattern of a competition of gaining emotional independence. Romanticism has a scent of granny’s cold cream, forgotten in a drawer. It reminds of your childhood but you never wear it in public. You don’t want to smell of ‘’ grandma. We are educated not to take emotional risks. He who loves less is more powerful. No pain no game seems to be a good motto in everything but love.

In love that means weakness.Wise men say the first 30 seconds are decisive.

It’s all you need to know if you could fall in love with someone you see for the first time. Scientifically, love at first sight exists. You should panic. We live in the speed era. You’d better think how many 30 seconds you have wasted so far. You seem to have encountered love at first sight but so many times you could have lived it.We carry a baggage of non-assumed love stories, because the stories do begin once with the decisive moment.

It’s for that you need guts.The courage to overcome prejudices and fear of being rejected.So try to look in your 30 second-collection and ask yourself whether you haven’t missed a great love story just because you haven’t had guts.

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