When I first read about Mr. Johnson’s project of setting up camps/sites for travelers/gypsies first thing that came to my mind was Romanian gypsies needn’t to hear that. I have never met a British traveler, but tend to say they might be more educated than eastern European ones. It is certain to me that Boris hasn’t heard about the camp Roma citizens set up in Italy a couple of months ago.

With all the attention, resources and help that travelers may get here in the UK, there’s no way back to the Chinese drop of education for them. Let alone, the Romanian community of Roma citizens has never faced any kind of support, therefore will sure not know how to face it.

Cersetoare romanca in Italia
Cersetoare romanca in Italia. Foto: Click Romania

Romanian gypsies have always been rejected by our people; hence no one wants them in the neighborhood/area. Is this a proof of ignorance or are we, Romanians, victims of selfishness, ignorance and own miseducation?

Not even now, 2 years after joined the EU, Romania has not have a traveler’s service belonging to Councils and if any Romanian citizen asked about gypsies, there’s only one answer: they need to either be deadly shot or burnt.

It is said that Romania and Italy bilateral relations have not been affected by the mediatic turmoil against Romanians. What it sure did was to raise racism amongst us for the Roma citizens, severely blamed for all Italian tabloids’ headlines.


Cersetor roman, la o intersesctie de pe drumul North Circular din Londra. Foto: Click Romania
Cersetor roman, la o intersesctie de pe drumul North Circular din Londra. Foto: Click Romania

Is it a matter of subject until UK becomes the next Italy for Romanians? I definitely hope this will not happen. As every effect has cause, identifying the cause in this case is no hard work.

Being in a community where no one wants you, yet speak the same language and share same traditions doesn’t leave one with many options. Yet, Romanian gypsies have reached to the UK, but not in such wider number as in other countries. I myself have seen one once on the tube, begging for money.

Even though we have always been ashamed of the situation, facing the truth seems complicated. Romanian gypsies all over the world are a result (or an effect) to own Romania’s nation lack of education/help offered and integration issues, with education making the upfront of it.

Boris Johnson’s project is sure to help travelers in London, as part of the London Plan. Taking this into consideration, as hearing in the news, we might face a bullish trend of invasion by Romanian gypsies in London.

At a certain scale, this is no easy feat, if we would have known to educate them to integration into society. But this should have started many, many years ago. It is said better late than never, for a majority of Romanian Roma citizens seems impossible to accept a helping hand without biting it.

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  1. The British people hate Romanians,Polish,and Eastern Europeans peoples, not just the gipses.

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